Twitter Management

Use a single interface to make sure that the Twitter messages and content are handled.


Multiple Accounts Management

Dooxim allows the users to manage multiple profiles to engage the customers without the hassle of multiple interfaces.

Sharing is Caring

With the Dooxim platform make sure that you get to share the content that is relevant to your audience easily.

Build Trust not only Relations

The CRM tool can be used to make sure that you are all set to grow your Twitter followers without much hassle and hard work.

Metrics that Matter

Use the built-in reports to make sure that the metrics are gauged and the strategy is implemented accordingly.

Organize and Publish

Publishing Tools

With the integrated publishing, tools make sure that you get the insights and plan to publish your tweets.

Publishing Calendar

Plan and post tweets that are according to your audience with the publishing calendar

Agency Collaboration

It is another feature of approval workflow that makes sure that you plan and publish highly engaging tweets.

Collaborative Workflow

Twitter team Management

Stack comes with integration for Mail Chimp and Campaign Monitor forms - ideal for modern marketing campaigns

Access the conversations

With the shared history extract the tweets that are of interest to start personalizing content.


Make sure that the tweets are sent as per the priority tagging that has been done to get results easily.

Social Inbox for Easy Management

Never Miss a Tweet

Use the smart inbox to make sure that you collaborate as a team with the client and keep a track of activities.

Keyword Monitoring

Setup the engagement opportunities to get the keyword ideas from across the platform.

Customer Service

Tag, filter and route tweets to the relevant departments and provide exceptional customer services from a single point.

Twitter Reports

Identify the Engaging Content

Delve deep into the analytics to ensure that you get to know the trends.

Manage Multiple Profiles

Manage as many profiles as you want from a single platform to get your customers personalized.

Keyword and Hashtag Search

Apply the data range to make sure that the trends are known and the relevant content is published.