Dooxim for Travel and Hospitality


Experience that your clients never forget

This is another important aspect that will make sure that you get clients into your business fast. With Dooxim you can manage your long-term planning easily.

Expectations that are fulfilled

Travelers love to use social and this is the only way that they get updates from their relatives and friends. With Dooxim you can expect to have:

- Customer engagement throughout the journey.
- Customer support so that they don’t feel deserted.
- Integrating multiple workflows to get the best experience.
- Making sure that not only the brand but the awareness is also promoted.

87% of millennials want the brand to get a personal touch to them.

78% of users rely on highly engaging and informative content.

79% of the customers want the brands to respond within 24 hours.

Travel Experience like never before

The multiple connections and channels are supported by Dooxim to make sure that you get the best out of the travel social media marketing. You also get visibility of how customers are being engaged.

Care is all that matters

With Dooxim you give your customers an idea that you are with them all the time. You engage proactively to get the best outcome.

In Time Response

It is important to note that the in-time response is all those customers want. Dooxim allows you to get engaging posts and reply via a powerful inbox to multiple threads.

Personal Touch

Access full contact and chat history for the best experience.

Time is Money

With a bot, the builder makes sure that you save time by building automated bots that are highly reliable and fast to respond.

Enthrall Travelers and gain new Customers

Get the reliable publishing tool that you need to have. Execute your strategy with multiple feeds across all channels.

Targeted Engagement

It is all that a customer wants and Dooxim allows you to get straight to the point easily.

Workflows to ease the process

Predefined workflows are integrated so that you don’t have to start from scratch.

Asset management

The asset library has been centralized and it can be accessed any time to post approve content.

Give it a boost

Boosting content with Dooxim has never been easy to reach the target audience.

Data Mainstream

Dooxim is all about data and engagement. View your performance with easy to use data workflow.

Defined Metrics

Using Dooxim is not rocket science as the workflow is easy and straightforward to understand.

Delve Deeper

Make sure that you understand your organic and paid campaigns easily with Dooxim.