Solutions for Advocacy

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A brand is all about people Empowerment

Prove yourself to be a good leader by providing your employees with a platform that will send out curated content over different channels.

Post yourself

You are the brand and it is a proven fact that if you post you increase authenticity. It also means that the customers will likely buy 56% more if the brand posts itself.

Reward Yourself

Dooxim will make sure that you get to know your potential and reward yourself by earning revenue that is far greater as compared to competitors.

Support that Matters

Dooxim provides your employees with full support and analytics that will empower them and get your brand to new heights.

Powerful Marketing

With Dooxim you will make sure that the workforce is managed in such a manner that it becomes your greatest power.

Perceptions that will drive you


Get your employees to share the posts in their networks as well as it will increase the brand reach like never before.

Social Selling

Create a sense of social selling and you can do it easily by creating brand awareness by careful analytics and analysis.