Small Business Analytics

To get real results from a single hub make full use of Dooxim and integrate it within your business strategy.

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Mutiple posts, multiple networks

Processing that spans itself

Use a single window to post and find out the results on channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Content management

Use the content calendar to keep track of and performance reports of all the posts that are made on different platforms.

Understand the trends

With deep social listening get to know what your customers want and implement the strategy accordingly.

Publishing Features

Use tools like campaign tagging and message tagging to get the results if you are working on large teams.

Power Inbox to manage all

Never miss important updates

The smart inbox ensures that all your messages are in a simple view and workable stream to manage everything.


Make use of the keywords and hashtags to know the trends and make sure that your brand resonates with the customers.

Social Performance Measurement

Twitter analytics, Facebook analytics, and Instagram analytics measure the post-level data and profile level data.

Reporting that is highly influential

Get to know your rivals with the social media channels that are highly integrated and well settled.

Social Listening

Make use of social listening to get a picture of what the customer trends are at any moment.

Strong Customer Relationships

Customer Profiles

Make sure that the customer profiles are managed and the data is extracted for insights.

Two Way Communications

Integrate Dooxim with the applications like Salesforce and Zendesk to import all the analytics that matter.