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Think Social Retail out of the box

Dooxim provides you with the tools that are needed to engage the customers with care and perfection and also to grow your business.

Remove the Obstacles

Retail engages the customers at the first point of their entire lifecycle and this also has challenges.

  • • High customer demands, high level of satisfaction, and continuous inflow of queries.
  • • Manage the presence on multiple channels at the same time.
  • • The retail industry is highly volatile and allows users to switch brands easily.

79% of customers demand a response within 24 hours.

65% of customers want brands to have an active social media presence.

77% of the social marketers make use of social data for analysis.

Overcome retail challenges with Dooxim

With the integrated dashboard, you get the best outcome for your business. Manage, respond, and provide top customer services with Dooxim on click power inbox.

High-Quality Service

With Dooxim you can get the customers that respond to engage with the brand. Find relevant conversations and quickly build trust.

Respond Faster

With a smart inbox filter all the messages that need quick attention.

Connect Personally

With the contact details get a conversation started with ease and perfection.

Tags are lifesavers

Tag all the important conversations to make sure that you get the best and the most relevant outcome with perfection.

Proactive approach

Set up listening keywords and respond even if the brand is not mentioned.

Drive Sales

With the integrated dashboard make sure that you get the retail teams going and make sales when your rivals are just searching for customers.

Inventory Management

You have all the inventory or arsenal of personalized messages, content management, and content calendar to get going smartly.

Asset Management

Use a centralized library to make sure that you get all the photos and videos in one place.

Increased Reach

Use the organic post targeting to make sure that the users are engaged against all the channels.

Content Management

Manage the posts from a single hub to make sure that you get the content management going for your brand with ease.

With Dooxim you can get a 72% boost in engagement on Facebook and Twitter.

Impact that Matters

Leverage the Dooxim analytics that will make sure that you present your brand in the best manner on social media.


Ready to use reports will present you with the analytics that will tell you if the content posted is engaging.

User-level data

With Dooxim you will get to know that which users engaged with the post and what they liked about it.

Be Trendy

With Dooxim you will be able to filter the posts that are trending or engaging the users. Use the analytics to ensure that such posts are prioritized.

Be Unique

With Dooxim get a step ahead of your competitors. Make sure that you know what your customers want before your rivals.

Design that fosters the team control

With the Dooxim collaboration tools, it is easy to make sure that you get to the best of social media.

Collaboration Made Easier

Make sure that the filterable stream is created and you with your team collaborate right from the inbox and extract analytics as required.

Team Inbox

Divide the workload as a team to make sure that you get the best and the most advanced outcome. Filter and respond to the messages to engage users.

Never get tangled

You will be able to see the colleague that is replying to a specific message at any time so that there is no confusion.

Follow the Logs

Get to know that when a customer was replied to and what the message was with the help of an integrated audit trail.

Smart Inbox and Tasks

Tasks Divided among team

Make sure that you provide the customer support right from the inbox on the ticket written.

Get the messages in the right hands

Route the messages to the next available person to avoid delayed response.

The visibility that is required

Workflow visibility is one of the best ways to make sure that you get to know the campaign's success.

Measure Efficiency

Make sure that the work ratio of the team is calculated based on real-time analytics.

Publishing tools for Social Media Mastery

Profile Publishing Management

You can easily control the access at the user level with built-in management.

Publishing Calendar

This ensures that complete visibility is provided across the entire team for the posts scheduled.

Message Approval

The massage approval workflow makes sure that you get the compliance and agency-level collaboration done easily.

Collaborate on Drafts

Use the message drafts to make sure that the ideas are gathered and engaging content is published.