Social Media Engagement like never before

Boost your productivity by using the Dooxim and get fully responsive campaigns that make up your business.

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  • Easy Engagement

    No matter which business to run Dooxim ensures that you never miss a message or event that has been posted on social media. Overcome the issues like missed appointments and overflowing inboxes.

  • Ease of Use

    From customer care to empowerment Dooxim is the only solution that will turn your business page into a money-making machine.

  • Better Automation

    Stay ahead of your competitors by setting up automation that will never miss a single message for you. Engage your users and manage all your accounts with a single hub.

  • Increased Productivity

    Dooxim fosters productivity and it also ensures that you use the collaboration tools to assign tasks and manage your team’s productivity with a single click.

  • Everlasting Communities

    Constant engagement will make sure that you build communities that are with you and stay the way they are in terms of loyalty.

  • Social Strategy Boost

    Integrated toolset and library ensure that you manage all your content from a single place. Plan and strategize based on real-time analytics.

For Business Users


As a startup, you need to have a constant eye on your social media accounts. Filter your customers and get relevant messages. Highlight important keywords and workflows to ensure that you get results that are highly optimized.


The team attribution function ensures that you assign tasks to the other teammates as soon as they pop up. Mark, it is done with this intuitive functionality of Dooxim.


As a manager, you can analyze the data and make sure that the workflows are highly targeted. Ensure that you get up-to-date and relevant team performance data for easy collaboration.


Remain present on multiple networks with ease using a single location. Analyze the incoming messages and assign the tasks for replying to the team seamlessly. Know all the hashtags that important for the client’s business and plan accordingly.

What Does Dooxim Offer?

Smart Inbox

Make sure that all the incoming messages are filtered and the response is crafted based on nature. Reply to multiple messages at once.

Volume Alerts

This is another feature that allows you to calculate the spike in messages in event of an emergency or time-barred events.

Account Management

Manage all your social media accounts from a single place and make sure that your online presence is strengthened.


Share, support, and resolve issues with automated Chatbots that are embedded with AI.


Make sure that the messages are assigned to the team members based on the workflows and tasks are closed quickly.


Strategize your campaign by tagging the messages that are relevant to get the best results and outcomes.


Keep an eye on your team and know which member is replying to which user and how much time is being taken for the same.

Integration with other Systems

Never leave the Dooxim platform at all. Make sure that you integrate the platform with software programs such as Hubspot and Zendesk.

Social Media Analytics for Strategic Decisions

Use the Dooxim social to manage the client ROI, incoming messages, and revisit your strategy to get awesome results.

Understand Today and Plan For Tomorrow

Accessing Metrics seamlessly

Access the ready-made reports and take advantage of automation that will make your reporting very much accurate.

Confidence not Confusion

Make sure that the data is collected easily and explored to get the results and make sure that the inclination of the customers is also gauged.