Accessing Social Analytics Easily

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  • Ease of Configuration

    Dooxa is easy to use and configure, with actionable analytics to make sure that the future of the campaigns is planned with ease.

  • See what the future holds

    Make sure that a combined overview of all the connected social media apps is taken to see the bigger picture. It will also allow you to extract reports that are highly targeted.

  • Stay a Step Ahead

    Compare your performance with the competitors and it can easily be done by comparing the stats of all the integrated accounts.

  • Social Media Strategy that Sells

    Gather intelligence and craft the campaigns that work for your social media accounts. Use the insights to plan the future and act diligently.

  • Show Results

    Make sure that all the stakeholders get to know the power of social media analytics. Present in a manner using ready-made reports that everyone understands.

Network Support


Analyze the performance when it comes to paid and organic traffic, impressions, and overall page ranking and how it can be improved.


Use the Dooxa to get to know the top organic and paid tweets. Plan and organize the overall campaigns by analyzing the tweets that engage the users.


Know how much a story has impacted your user. Get to know the best strategies that are presented by the Dooxa to get ahead of the competitors.


Get to know the demographics and the engagements that have been done from the various parts. Make sure that the page ranking and posts are also analyzed and plan for the budget.


Make sure that the high-performance pins are analyzed to make sure that the best and the most relevant data is extracted. Make pins that are replicated similarly.


Cross Network

Make sure that the larger picture is seen and for this all the integrated accesses you get to know the best posts and relevant data that are extracted.



Make sure that the content performance is analyzed and this is done by accessing the different metrics that are integrated into the dashboard.


Get to know the team members’ performance to make sure that all the data is accessed and if a member is underperforming he or she is also provided with the report where he lacks.


Target the right campaigns and people that will make sure to get you the best ROI. Make sure that the clients get the best results and you take the brand to the next level.

What does it offer?

Analytics Report

Make use of the overview reports that are high-end in nature and also ensure that the grey areas are identified.

Tag Report

The tag reporting will make sure that the campaigns that are set up are also analyzed for their effectiveness. Tag the reports so that the stakeholders get to know the results.

Performance Reporting

Once the channels have been used make use of the post-performance report to analyze the results and plan for the future.


Make sure that the rival performance is also analyzed and the competition is greatly inclined in favor and this is all done with detailed reporting.

Team Reports

Make sure that the messages that are replied to by the customers are reported so that similar content is posted. It will also ensure that the team productivity is also analyzed.

Paid Advertising

Make sure that all the channels are fully utilized with perfection when it comes to paid advertising. Segregate the top and low-performing paid campaigns.

Premium Features

Report Builder

Create reports using the tags that are required for your business and everything else is eliminated.


Use the dashboard to make sure that you peek into the campaigns that are being made and the results.


Use interactive infographics to make the reports easy and understandable by all.

Metric Change

Make sure that the metrics that are required are the ones added to the report and everything else is eliminated.


Filter out the customers with advanced filtering so that you get the pool that is according to the specific business needs.

Master Social Media Networks

Social media is not easy to understand but Dooxa makes sure that you get the reports and the analytics that are highly inclined. Save time and focus on the long-term business needs.

Social Media is Business

If a customer follows a brand, then the likelihood to purchase from that brand increases by 67% sources report.

Connecting with the Customers

If a brand connects well with a customer, then it is important to note that 57% buy it online and the likelihood to spend increases by 76%. This is the power of connection that Dooxa provides.

What are the Challenges?

A personalized experience is all that is required by the customers from any social media executive that is hired for the job.

How does Social Media work for your Business?

Dooxa is the software that works for your business as it integrates with all the connections and provides you with the experience that you have always required.